“The Golden words of our Legendary former President” was the real inspiration for us to establish this “Prayojana Institute” as we believe that the “Knowledge with Action converts adversity into prosperity”.

Our intention is to create an opportunity for the young Engineers to understand about the Construction Management practices adopted in the industry and to provide them a chance of learning employment-based Value added Courses through our Institute.

We are proud to state that we are the First accredited Construction Management Training Institute in the Province Operating out with our fully equipped Training Centre in Salem, Tamil Nadu.

“PRAYOJANA” – The Name that Stands on its own for cultivating & developing the intellectual thinking of the young minds with the Courses that are offered by our Institute.

We have a very flexible approach to fulfill the needs of our Students and our Clients with a Strong Resource Support for providing the Training at their Institutions by conducting Workshops & Seminars on a Subject Specialization.

We are also providing a high level of knowledge acquirement on the other Fields such as “Land Survey & Engineering related Software Courses” as a focus towards Skill Development programs for building the career opportunity.

We assure that, this course will certainly benefit the Learners for enhancing their Talents with the Valuable Knowledge of the experts in the Industry as Trainers, which will facilitate the Learners for attaining a Right Placement Oppurtunity in the Civil Enginnering Sector

With my best wishes
Founder & Executive Director